PUBG MOBILE LITE MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Wallhack/Aim) On Android


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PUBG Mobile Lite Mod

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What is PUBG Mobile Lite Hack?

You want an interesting and entertaining game then read the total information below. There are so many battle games in the play store and app store. But, in the year 2019, a battle royal game was introduced. It also known as PUBG MOBILE LITE Hack. The PUBG mobile MOD APK launched in August 2019. This game developed by Light speed and Quantum a Chinese Studio. The Publisher is Proximal Beta Pet. Limited. It introduced for android mobiles having less RAM and STORAGE. This game is the low-end version of PUBG MOBILE iOS Hack. The full form of PUBG is PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. The Lite version of PUBG is the same as the main one. But the size of this game is less(>700MB) compared with PUBG MOBILE Kr Mod (2GB). If you want to know the complete information about this game then read below.

Currently, in PUBG MOBILE LITE, it has only 2 modes available for gameplay.  The 2 modes are BATTLE ROYAL ARCADE In Battle Royal, there are 2 maps. VARENGA GOLDEN WOODS(UNLOCKS AT LVL. 5) The above maps are small in size compared with PUBG MOBILE. With the small size and fewer storage data, this game runs quicker and smoother on mobiles.


The VARENGA map represents the Erangle map in PUBG MOBILE. This map has many bushes and trees. This is full of natural beauty. 40 players can play for a map. You can play this map by single or multi-players or 4players.


The Golden Woods map offers a more Explosive Experience and is great for players who are looking for interesting battles. However, In ARCADE mode, there are so many maps to play. In this mode, the players endlessly spawn with weapons and are required to kill their opponents. The rst team to reach the maximum points would win the game. The maps present in these modes are all team matches only. The different maps present in this mode are TDM WAREHOUSE(Body map) PAYLOAD WAR WAR- RPG. The TDM(Team Death Match) Warehouse played in Body Map, Which makes a thrilling experience for players. On this map, there are all guns full of magazines. The remaining maps are approximately the same. (Payload, War, War- RPG).


The types of weapons are Pistols(FLARE GUN,vz.61 SKORPION, P18C, P92, P1911, R1895, R45) Ries (AUG, G36C, M16A4, M416, QBZ, SCAR-L,BERYL M762, AKM, GROZA, MK47 MUTANT) Designated Marksman Ries (VSS, MINI14, QBU, SKS, SLR, MK14 EBR) Shotguns(SAWED-OFF, S12K, S1897, S686) Sub Machine guns(MICRO UZI,KRISS VECTOR, UMP9, TOMMY GUN) Sniper Ries (WIN 94, KARABINER 98 KURZ, M24, AWM) Light Machine Guns(M249, DP-28)

In the above types of guns, The powerful guns are AWM (Hit power-120), S686 and S1897(both hit power-216), S12K(hit power-198), Crossbow(hit power105).

PUBG Lite MOD Mega Menu

  • Ready, Aim, Fire.

Enjoy the most consistent control & realistic graphics, weapon behavior on Android mobile.

  • Massive Battle Maps.

battlegrounds Like Erangel, Miramar, Sanook, Vikendi.

  • Powerful Weapons and Vehicles.

The Weapon that used in PUBG MOBILE LITE is similar to PUBG MOBILE. There are no changes in weapons. The change only decreases Damage Power.


These are some types of wearables’ like Gloves, swords, pan, etc. The Melee Contains Punch(Damage-18),Jumping Punch(Damage 38),Crowbar(Damage-60),Machete(Damage-60),Sickle(Damage-60) and Nelly Pan(Damage-80).


The Throwables having throwing items like Apple, Smoke Grenade, Snowball, Stunt Grenade, Molotov cocktail, and Frag Grenade.

Download PUBG Mobile Lite Mod (Unlimited Uc/Aimbot) on Android

Before starting the Installation process, Turn-on the Unknown source option from Settings >> Security >>> Unknown sources and Turn it on the toggle switch.

  • First, Download the Latest version PUBG Lite MOD APK file from the download button above.
  • Once the APK file Downloaded, Navigate to your Android device file manager and look for MOD APK.
  • After That, Tap on the APK file >>> And Press the Install Option from the notification Window-screen.
  • Within few seconds, the Mod APK file will be installed on your Smart Android mobile.
  • Finally, Open the MOD Game and Enjoy it for free.

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